High Pressure Pipeline

Installation of Zinc Ribbon & Arc Strike Inspections on HP Pipeline PO86.

July 5, 2019

All of the team have been working at Crowthorne, on the zinc ribbon installation. The reason for the zinc ribbon installation is to depreciate the AC current on the HP pipeline. We have installed the zinc ribbon parallel to the pipeline on both sides & at pipe depth. Pipeline was exposed at 20 metre intervals,

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PO86 Arc Strike Investigations & Epoxy Shell Installation

June 3, 2019

Due to a recent heath fire,  multiple plumes of  dense, thick, acrid smoke rose up into the high voltage overhead power cables, resulting in multiple arc strikes travelling back down through the carbon within the smoke,  striking the HP Pipeline parallel to the high voltage overhead cables. After excavations were carried out & the pipeline

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Installation of Aerial Markers along High Pressure Pipelines.

April 10, 2019

Teams are out this week installing aerial marker posts along the gas pipeline, to enable the aerial teams situated in helicopters to locate the pipeline with ease, and if anyone is working on or near the high pressure pipelines the encroachment can be reported. Each team is supplied with an official utility map, showing the

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