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Trak Mat Hire & Site Access | Carr Civil Engineering - Deep Excavation, Corrosion & Cathodic Protection Specialists

Trak Mat Hire & Site Access

Full service from site survey to final removal

Carr Civil Engineering Limited fully understands the costs that can be incurred from ground damage when you are working in sensitive locations so we offer a full service to Industrial, Commercial and Domestic clients where ground protection is paramount or just the right thing to do for your project and your reputation.

The mats we offer are approximately 2.5 metres x 1.5 metres in size and can be linked on all 4 sides, therefore you can make a road or a hard standing area, they can suit all applications required.

The mats we supply are grey as black mats are becoming an industry problem in sites of scientific interest where the heat absorbed and transferred has damaged the ground subsoil below, they also have drainage holes which improves the mat traction by facilitating drainage which also enables vegetation below the mat to continually adsorb water, reducing any long-term effects.

The mats we provide offer the best solution for highly trafficked areas and assist in affording protection and longevity to protected surfaces.

The rough indented under surface of the mat, aids to its stability and adhesion to the ground.

We offer a full service from site survey (initial estimate done from information supplied) through to Delivery, Installation, Maintenance and final removal.

Within our service we can also offer many peace of mind solutions (24/7 mat call out and repair/replacement, mat insurance, mat relocation etc.)

Our mats have a bearing weight of 40 tonnes and can be used on all inclines.

We have a large stock of polypropylene mats therefore we will be able to help you and support your project needs. We can also advice on how and what you should do to keep them in good order

Please give us a call to talk over your needs and we can give you a free estimate of Hire and Services costs.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and we will find the right solution for you.

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