Pipeline Maintenance

Carr Civil Engineering has worked in the Pipeline Maintenance industry for up to 20 years and has worked in partnership with the UK’s leading companies which include National Grid and Southern Gas Networks.

We are skilled in working in Hazardous areas and we are predominantly a direct labour work force.

We have recently employed the services of Aachan University to develop a long distance Pipeline/Sleeve Grouting Solution.

This solution is now approved and has been used very successfully on lengths of pipework up to and including 1000mts. The Sleeve grouting solution is based on a non-dig option where the grout is injected and delivered through the existing sleeve pressure monitoring points.

Please view additional information on this web site detailing the method of use and delivery.

The system is inert and will not affect the integrity of the parent pipe. It is also fully compatible with any existing CP systems and will transfer any voltage from the carrier pipe through the grouting medium onto the pressure transmitting pipe. This solution is a very cost affective option as it removes any future sleeve maintenance and delivers a one-step solution for leaking sleeves.

We at Carr Civil Engineering are very happy to talk over the options and the applications of this system, please contact us so we can talk over how we can create a workable solution for you.

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