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Hollybush Zinc Ribbon Installation – Carr Civil Engineering

Hollybush Zinc Ribbon Installation

Hollybush Zinc Ribbon Installation

Hollybush Zinc Ribbon Installation

Hollybush Lane, Eversley


8 weeks

Nature of project: Installation of Zinc Ribbon.

These works were carried out in an open field adjacent to Hollybush Lane, Eversley, RG27 0NH.

We had a meeting on site with the Land Owner, & their Land Agent for the permissions to carry out the work. Subsequent meetings took place with the client to go over all drawings, and the SW2 Technician pegged out suitably marked position of the pipeline, prior to works commencing on site, taking into account change of direction.

We had to strip a 22 metre wide easement to enable us to install 600 metres of zinc ribbon 300 metres either side of the PO86 pipeline. We carried out 4 x hand dug trial holes to determine the correct line and depth of the pipeline prior to any excavating works.

Works consisted of a hand dug trial hole every 100m or change of direction on the pipeline as agreed by Client A.E, to determine the correct line and depth of the pipeline.

Site set up consisted of matting, welfare area, fencing and goal posts in place with bunting due to overhead power lines in close proximity.

We had to excavate down by hand to a level of 1.2m, then post dig down to the top of the pipeline, once the top has been located, we will bring up a 100mm section of duct to keep as a visual throughout the project.

Once the trial holes have been completed, we then stripped topsoil away from the excavation area of approx. 15/20m wide and the full length of the zinc ribbon installation. The zinc ribbon was installed at pipe depth and 3m away from the pipeline keeping it outside the hazard and danger zones and to ensure that it was installed at pipe depth.

This method consisted of the use of a drag box system due to the depth of the excavation.

Once all works had been carried out and completed, we backfilled and reinstatement took place.

All these works were in conjunction with SW2 regulations.